Coding Style

Today I decided to finally give Go a try. One thing I noticed when exploring some Go projects was that a lot of them recommended running go fmt before committing code. Curious as to what this code did, I decided to look it up. This blog post explains it very succinctly:

Continuous Deployment With Travis

After I launched Travis Lite last week, it didn’t take long before I got the first pull request. The day after I got another one. And another one. Anyways, I’m often out and about, reading GitHub messages on my phone, and while I could merge the changes, I couldn’t immediately deploy them (well, I could, but SSH is not exactly ideal to work with on a phone). I wanted a way for the site to be deployed immediately if the Travis build passed.

Travis Lite

Lately I’ve been going through a lot of the issues in Travis CI’s issue tracker. After seeing a lot of issues being closed (and closing several myself), I see some things being requested a lot, but that just aren’t something that would fit with Travis (at least not right now). One of those things is a more light-weight client.